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Y-Blocks Forever Forum    Boling Brothers Early Iron is a hot rod and custom shop. We specialize in modified Model A style frames for your hot rod, chopping tops, and custom floor work. We also built completes and deal with all types of fabrication and modifications on pre-1960 vehicles. By reading the Y Block Magazine, now in the 15th year of publication (by the way, most back issues are available) you will learn of many ways to make this great engine even more reliable, longer lasting, and should you choose, greatly increase it's power.  Also, the magazine is a place to show us what you have, used to have, or are working on. The Y Block Magazine is published six times per year bringing to you the latest events, new parts and services being offered for our favorite engine. Ford-Freak Club of Finland is a registered association, established 1987 to gather together enthusiasts of American Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and Edsel cars and, of course, pronounce happy FoMoCo message here in Finland.

John Mummert's
Ford Y-8 Website In 1919 William Peters McMaster and Lena McMaster purchased ten acres of bare ground from the Terra Bella Land Company. Over the course of the following 80 years the property would be developed by their son, Frank McMaster, into 90 acres of citrus, including many specialty varieties.  Click to read the read more...

My RestoMod Mustang: RestoMod Mustang Restoration and Modification. Journey through rebirth of Pete's 66 RestoMod Mustang Pony GT from start to finish.

Project started in 1989... Project finished ????

Our Eagle Field Drags DVDs cover the nostalgia drag racing event held twice a year at the historical Eagle Field Army Air Corps facility in Dos Palos California. Now privately owned, they use their runway for 8th mile drag racing, just like they did back in the 50's. This event is like going back in time. To watch the trailers please cruise over to our video page.







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