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          Do You Have Posted Heads? 

One question that is on the minds of many Y-Block owners is "Do I have posted heads?"

Posted and non-posted refers to the support cast in the water passage above the combustion area on '57 and later heads, this was added to keep the quench area from lifting under extreme pressure.  It's not a necessity in mild street engines but if you are racing or run a supercharger it's not a bad thing to have.

All the early heads cast in the Dearborn foundry are non-posted, if you have a set of ECZ-G heads with the small letters there is no need to look since they are NOT going to have the post.  If you have the large letter ECZ-G heads cast at the Cleveland  foundry there is a question whether or not they are posted.  These next two photos by Ted Eaton show where to look, you can stick you finger in the large hole and actually feel the post.

Photos by Ted Eaton

All heads cast after 1957 (113s, 471s, EDB-Ds, B9AEs, B9TEs, C0AEs, C1TEs, C1AEs ect.) are all posted but if you have your doubts you can check the others in this same fashion.

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