1930 Model A Coupe (Indian Head )         
                          by Tim McMaster


After trying to get my T Roadster ready for TROG the last two years I decided if it wasn't going to make it to Pismo this year I would put something else together using the parts I had left over from my Sedan build. In just one month I had something that didn't cost me much more than $2K and was a blast to drive. The folks at "The Race Of Gentlemen" said I was too late and they were full up before the deadline of entry but I still kept on working the car and it keeps getting better.

This is what I started with.

Looked pretty good after the clean up but decided it needed a little more than the "Banger"

1938 81A with a 36 trans and some parts from "Cling's" to adapt the pedals and wishbone.

Front motor mounts were made to bolt to the back of the shocks and Derrek Boling of Boling Bros. Early Iron made up a very nice rear transmission mount for me.

Steering box was acquired from a friend of mine, a 1949 F-1 Ford unit. I purchased a ready made flange from neil then cut the box to fit. I made my own mandrel to chuck the box in the lathe then after fitting and tacking I finished welded it with special wire and flux meant for cast crankshafts in my crank welder. Worked pretty slick if I do say so myself.

Originally I thought of making a sort of "Speedster" but I was offered a pretty ratty old '30 Coupe body from Derrek while I was at his shop so we pulled it out of the loft and laid it on the frame. I liked it, so now it's a coupe.

It needed a little wood work to stiffen the body so rather than buy a wood kit I just went down to Lowes and bought some pine studs, cut them up and fit them. I know it wont last like Ash but this is a budget Rod.

Body on and wood work done, had to dig up some doors then it was time for some paint. I was going for kind of O/D (Olive drab or Over Dirt) look but it may be more of an Avocado. My wife hates it but it growing on her. lol

Exterior latex house paint. Brushed on of course.

Forgot to mention I needed a seat so I pulled an old plywood aircraft seat out of the attic. Fit the car perfect, although I needed a cushion to fill in where a parachute would normally go.

Since it was meant to be a "Racecar" it needed a number on it so 416 was a natural choice.

Then also needed the sponsor's name on the back.

And a little artwork on the side. I like the insignia of the WWI American manned French fighter group the Lafayette Escadrille.

I did recently add a 2x2 intake just to pep it up a bit. When I talked to Bobby Green at Bonneville he said they wanted to see more speed equipment on the cars for TROG. I does have a set of Weiand "Cheater heads" but since they look stock, well... they look stock.

Yup, who needs glass, just wear it on your face.

Had a blast running it around on El Mirage dry lake. Race truck was still broken from Bonneville so I took the coupe down. If my 2x4 wood roll cage passed tech I would have made a pass in it

God how I love this hobby.

Missed TROG in Wildwood again this weekend so I decided to just go out to the country and play by myself. Good times! Just a kid in a hopped up Model A.

Jackie digs it!

It just keeps getting better! No Uni on the salt for me this year as I was helping with the "Quick and Easy" V4F/FMR so I took the Coupe out for a support vehicle. What a blast! Ran it down the short coarse at 55 mph and even ran it up to 76 mph on the road. (Don't tell anyone)
Good times all of them, I do still plan to change it up a bit soon but it will stay this way a little longer as I bought another 30 coupe for my wife and that project has moved to the front burner.

Update 2019
The "Indian head" coupe made a return visit to Bonnevlle this year. Good thing, with all the delays it gave me something fun to do.

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All artwork, text, design, and photos, are Copyright 2008 by Tim McMaster.