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Current Project by Tim McMaster 
'31 Coupe GoingTogheter    How many Model A's have "Three on the Tree?"
 by Tim McMaster


I acquired this '31 A body about four years ago, found it in the back of a pickup at speed week. Had several different ideas for it but finally decided on full fenders and no chop with a very comfy interior. Something to take the wife out on a date with. I just picked it up from Derrek at Boling Brothers Early Iron where I had a... READ MORE


Completed Projects by Tim McMaster 
                          by Tim McMaster
One day at the shop
I was minding my own business when I got a call from a customer, the conversation went like this "Hey Tim, you need another Model A?" I says "NO! what ya got?" Well he tells me of a 1930 Roadster that was .... READ MORE

'30 Model A Tudor          AKA "Hazel"
                          by Tim McMaster

I've been wanting a project like this for a while now but one day when I was asked to fix an oiling problem on a Y for Derrek Boling we got to talking and the build was... READ MORE

1930 Model A Coupe (Indian Head )
                          by Tim McMaster
Pile of Parts Turns Into  Cheap Fun....... 
After trying to get my T Roadster ready for TROG the last two years I decided if it wasn't going to make it to Pismo this yearI would.... READ MORE

D/GR (D=304 ci/Gas Roadster)
                          by Tim McMaster

August 2018 : At last after seven years of pushing pickups on the salt it's time to change up the game a bit. The only way I was going to get my Unibody LSR over 200... READ MORE

Elwood: C/Gas Dragster Build          
                          by Tim McMaster

Some of the best things in life you come upon by accident.  In November of 2009 I had no idea that by the summer of 2010 I would have my own dragster... READ MORE

Jake: Unibody LSR Build          
                          by Tim McMaster

In Sept. of 2010 I decided it was time to build a LSR (Land Speed Racer) truck to compete in D/PP class at El Mirage and Bonneville.... READ MORE


Other Projects Using Y-Block Guy Engines

Jimmie Vaughn's   '54  Custom

Bing Simmers' 1956 F-100 309ci

Greg Gordon 1956 F-100 309ci

Mike Gallegos' 1957 T-Bird 292ci

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Joe Cumbly's 1956 F-100 292ci

Troy Pingree's 1954 Customline  292ci

Charlie  Burns' "Flyin' Yellow Brick" 258ci

Robert Barnett's 1974 Merc, Comet  250 Ford six



Mark Skipper's Victoria Custom

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  Charlie Myer's 1955 Thunderbird  

  Pete Babagian's '66 GT RestoMod  

Stroked 289

  Todd Jolliff's 1960 F-100  

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Bill Wykoff's 22' Chris Craft

(350ci Chevrolet),

  Eric Truelson's 22' Grey Marine (244ci Continental)

  Marcus Edell's '34 Ford Coupe (390ci Cadillac)

  Dean Micetich 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe (331ci Cadillac)
  Dean Micetich 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe 331ci Cadillac (1)
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  Jim McNamara's 1959 Ranch Wagon 292 Y-Block  
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  Rockin L Customs 1957 Thunderbird
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312 Y-Block
  Rockin L Customs  1957 Tunderbird 312 Y-Block(3)




All artwork, text, design, and photos, are Copyright 2008 by Tim McMaster.