'30 Model A Tudor Project          
                          by Tim McMaster

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Feb 2, 2012

I've been wanting a project like this for a while now but one day when I was asked to fix an oiling problem on a Y for Derrek Boling we got to talking and the build was on!

I fell in love with the Boling Brothers Model A pickup and wanted it, although there were a few thing I would like to change. Rather than change a car that was perfect in its own right Derrek suggested we build one just for me the way I want it. So here we go.

I'm in the mood for a little more power so with an engine change to my dragster "Elwood" I will use the 338ci Y that has been propelling it to 10.61 1/4s with a C-4 and a 9" out of a early Bronco that was donated by my friend Greg Scroggins. Derrek had a frame started and the work has begun.

The body was a bit of a challenge, I have been looking for a couple of months now wanting a '30/'31 but everything that was close and in my price range were '28/'29s, nothing wrong with that but I want what I want.

The other night on CL we found what we were looking for so now it's time to start the build thread.

The pickup that started it. Simple and clean with a Y-Block

Nice straight complete car with many extra parts

"there's one more thing I got the pink slip daddy!"


Feb 2, 2012
We do have a frame started too.


Feb 17, 2012
Here's a few pix of what we talked about last night. The body gets "blown apart" this weekend.

This picture shows Derrek's shock mount jig, he's set up to put these chassis' together fast and accurate.


Feb 18, 2012
Got some work done today. Got the body cleaned out and off the frame, then started to clean out all the crap. Dirt, bad wood and the like. Turns out I got a real nice body!

Seats look nice too! I think I might go with green for the color, I didn't want to copy Derrek's truck too close but I like green and I can take a darker color.

I'm having Fun!


Feb 19, 2012
The short story is it's a 292 "bored and stroked"

The long story is that it's the engine that I built for my pickup three years ago and then ended up in my dragster after the 322 block cracked. I used a 292 crank that was offset ground to 3.580" stroke with 1.888" throws. It has a set of 6.300" H-beam "NASCAR" rods with, dare I say, 307 scrub pistons for a 3.875" bore. It will be topped with a set of ported 113 heads with 2.02" in and 1.6" ex. The heads that are on the engine now will stay with the dragster and the new engine as they are set up for reverse flow with the water outlets at the back of the heads.

I will run "lakester" headers with turn-downs and a system with mufflers underneeth but "un-cork" them for racing. Intake will be a Blue Thunder with a Road Demon four barrel until I can get a set of logs and run four 97s or 94s.

Today Derrek got most of the chassis done, atleast enough so we could put the body down on for a fitting. I like it.

Chassis with ladder bars and shock mounts fitted.

Right side

Left side

Front mounting points

Derrek cutting the floor out

lowering the body

And finally down on the frame, looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

We did use the fork lift to lower the body on the rails but I could have done it myself.


Feb 2, 2012
Little update on todays work. Pulled the body down a little more to get ready for sandblasting. Also ripped the "tin top" out.

Bunch of old crap wood the will be replaced with new!


Mar 4, 2012
I did find myself a little goody at the swap meet yesterday. I know it's not a "Hot Rod" part but I think it will look cool on the front.


Mar 21, 2012
The body is off to the sand blaster and will be gone a couple of weeks. In the mean time I am collecting parts.

I have a set of these now.

and Mark Skipper (Royalshifter) gave me this for the Y.


Mar 25, 2012
Had the girls doing a little work on the A yesterday, didn't get much done but they looked good doing it.


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