'30 Model A Tudor Project          
                          by Tim McMaster
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Not a lot to report but I heard the body may be back from the sandblaster next weekend. Then we'll start seeing progress.


Today I re-cammed Elwoods old 338 Y, cleaded it up and painted it so it's ready to go into the A. I hope to have the C-4 back this week too.



More stuff while waiting for the body. 16x8 "Cheater Slicks" from Hurst and a 2500 stall converter from Hughes.

Went to the "Bloing Bros. 7th Anniversary Open House" today and dropped the engine and trans into my frame. Looks pretty good to me.



Now that the first El Mirage meet has come and gone it's time to get some work done on the "A". Derrek picked up the body from the sand blaster yesterday so when I got off work the work began.

The body is in pretty good shape bur as with anything 80+ years old it has a little rot and has been repaired a few times. With most of the metal bare I had to get in there with a wire wheel and take out all the Bondo. there was two patches on the body, some on the firewall and a little on each door. I now have a new hatred for this stuff.

Grinding the shit out! What fun!

Now blowing all the sand and dirt out.

  Body ready for primer and all the little pieces laid out.


Got all the pieces primered last night. Derrek will fit the body to the frame next and then the chop.

Derrek took this "high angle" shot so you guys can see my bald spot.

All ready for the next step.


Body is down on the chassis now. Chop comes soon.


Some work got done yesterday.

Arrived at Derreks Shop and found the A all marked out for cutting.

Then it started

We're commited now!

Set back down, looks about right to me.

It was nice of the guys to let me help cut the top of my car off but when it came time to re-attach Derrek and Jerrod (aka J Rad) are the pros. They do the important work.


Not quite finished but you can get an idea how it will look

I get the "bone head" award for the day. While de-burring with a wire wheel it got away from me and and took a nice piece of skin with it.




More to come....................   

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