'30 Model A Tudor Project          
                          by Tim McMaster
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OK! now that racing is done for the year (well except for the Mooneye's X-mas show) it's time to get back on the Model A. Derrek got the new firewall in and the wheel wells done so now I'm gonna take it home for a few weeks and tackle the wood.

New wheel wells look good too, nice fit for the cheaters.

Got a shifter for the C-4 and here's another look at the kick panels.

Also got the new windshield frame, I'll attach it when the header is in.


Today I will pull the motor, primer the wheel wells and firewall, paint the channels and other places the wood will be installed. Then the wood goes in of course.

Yesterday we took the car out and had a little photo shoot. I like the way it is coming along, it's gonna look just as I imagined in the beginning.


All painted in the right places, no bare metal left on the body. The main job was to paint the places where the wood was going but I also got some black primer to shoot the wheel wells, firewall and the bare places where the chop was done. With plenty of primer left I shot most of the rest of the car to see what it would look like black. I think I like the green better, it will be that color again one day

garage paint booth

Shooting the inside of the firewall.

Inside is a low gloss matte black.

Now I have a black floor instead of a blue one. (painted my wife's Herald in there too a few years back)

My wife Kathy sealed all the wood for me while I was painting, we'll start installing it this week.


First pieces of wood are in. I think the headers (front and sides) are the hardest pieces, once they are in it should go pretty easy.


Top wood is just about complete.


Installed the new valance, windshield frame and old visor.

Trimming of the excess to match the header.

Drill every two inches for a nail.

All done for the night.


Engine is back in! Shifter is adjusted and driveshaft will be next. This thing may be ready for a test "putt" soon.


Driveshaft and a few other pieces installed, floor is next.


to be continued......................

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